Meet the Chef

Taste of Jamaica's Chef Kirk Myers

Chef Kirk Myers comes to Taste of Jamaica straight from Jamaica itself, arriving in Newfoundland for the very first time in the summer of 2015.

Myers is a Certified Executive Chef (CEC) of the Culinary Institute of America and brings over 14 years experience to Taste of Jamaica, experience gained while working for a variety of resorts and cruise lines.  To come to Newfoundland, Myers left his position with Vista Cruise Lines which operates the Disney cruises.  He plans to implement a fusion Jamaican menu that will appeal to Newfoundland taste buds, building on the close relationship that Jamaica had with Newfoundland, where the islands would trade rum for codfish.

When you ask Chef Myers about this concept, he responds “It’s a concept I’ve been working on for a couple years in the Caribbean.  Taste of Jamaica will have the Jamaican flavour and Jamaican preparation methods, but geared towards Canadians. We’ll definitely tone down on the spices.”

Some of the key dishes that Myers plans to focus on includes the traditional jerk chicken and pork made famous on Jamaica, but there will also be other dishes such as Ackee and salt fish.  This will be served as the restaurant’s signature dish and highlight the other jerk-style seasonings he has planned.

Myers is confident that that Taste of Jamaica’s fusion style restaurant will be a success.  He says the restaurant will be “tailored to the Newfoundlanders’ taste buds, so it won’t be excessively spicy but if someone does enjoy spicy, it can be done for them.”




Come. Relax. Enjoy a Taste of Jamaica.

Kirk Myers

Owner, Executive Sous Chef


From my Island to Yours, A little Taste of Jamaica.

Raymond Thomas